Good Day,
This past year artwork projects have been extremely exciting for me and I have learnt a huge amount in many areas of my creative and production processes.

So, I’ve decided to shift my focus and creative time on large and commissioned artwork. I want harness my creative momentum with new art techniques, exploring new ideas and methods.

 I will continue to provide small scale custom items with a caveat that it may take some additional time to complete the project. I am changing my production time for wedding invites, military artwork, luggage tags,tie bars, money clips, etc. to 4-6 weeks.

I assure you that all your emails and Etsy requests will be answered in timely manner. Again, as always, I do appreciate your business and your following. I look forward to continuing to be able service you in the future. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Best Always, Juan - Copper Art Designs
juan @ vbcopper.com

The Copper Art Designs team is a collection of Family and Friends with a shared passion for art. Experimenting with copper artwork started as a Father's hobby, which soon attracted the interest of his Wife, Son and a longtime Family Friend.
Today that hobby has blossomed into a full time exploration of copper's potential in the modern world of art.  Creating art by etching copper is a process that dates back several centuries. Traditionally, images were engraved into metal plates and then used to make prints on paper. The copper plate in this case is more like a paint brush than a painting. At Copper Art Designs we recognize that although it may be helpful as a tool, copper makes for a much more compelling canvas.

Copper's characteristic sheen contrasts brilliantly against deep, rustic patinas, allowing the beauty of the engravings to jump out in full detail. Couple that with copper's tendency to oxidize and vary its appearance from warm shades of orange and deep red, to cool oceanic greens and blues, and you can begin to see the allure of this versatile material.

Copper is a medium that conducts happiness. Our work offers us an opportunity to do copper wall art, personalized commemorative plaques, and imprint memories and treasured images that are inspired by the lives of our clients. Fixing these meaningful pieces of people's lives in copper ensures that they will be admired for many years to come, and our combination of vintage imagery and elegant line art creates timeless compositions. Working with this precious metal is a means for us to express innovative ideas and personal creativity, and we hope the finished work serves to bring people together through a common appreciation for art.

We specialize in copper wall art, copper home and garden accents, custom or personalized commemorative plaques, and we also offer a variety of other copper products. We take our craft seriously and work hard to ensure that you get only quality materials and workmanship. If you have an idea for something you'd like to see in copper, simply contact us and we would be pleased to discuss new projects together. Explore the possibilities of copper today.

The Copper Art Designs Team

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